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Embroidery Blanks



Embroidery Blanks in the news

Patch Me if You Can 

Embroidery Monogram Business - Dec 28 2:12 PM
Think you can't make patches? Think again. With some simple tricks, even novice embroiderers can profit from them.
Bad blood returns to this rivalry 
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Dec 10 2:41 AM
LEXINGTON, Ky. – So here is the face of this now, with Kelvin Sampson on the Crimson end of Indiana-Kentucky: Bobby Perry.

Spitfire the bull isn't gay - he just found Skye cows too much for him 
The Scotsman: Business - Dec 07 5:19 PM
"In that terrain... 45 cows were too many for him to deal with"

Business Licenses 
Chattanooga Times Free Press - Dec 04 10:52 PM
The business licenses as provided by the Hamilton County Clerk for Nov. 27-Dec. 1 follow: Bonice Restaurant and Lounge, 3029 Rossville Blvd., Chattanooga, 37407, Clifton Braden Jr.

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