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Embroidery Patches



Embroidery Patches in the news

December 29, 2006 

East Bay Express - Jan 02 9:42 AM
The holiday shopping madness is over, but the real shopping season has just begun!
Patch Me if You Can 
Embroidery Monogram Business - Dec 28 2:12 PM
Think you can't make patches? Think again. With some simple tricks, even novice embroiderers can profit from them.

On Patches & Pop Culture 
Embroidery Monogram Business - Dec 25 4:12 PM
Patches are popping back into action, spurred by the entertainment industry and youth-oriented trends.

Scoring with Teamwear 
Embroidery Monogram Business - Dec 19 12:12 PM
JULY 01, 2003 -- If you don't already embroider athleticwear, you might be surprised by how it has changed since you were in school. Don't worry, letter jackets are still popular, baseball teams still wear numbers on their backs and football teams still wear travel shirts on the bus.

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