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Why does River Oak Charter School teach handwork? 

Ukiah Daily Journal - Jan 02 9:09 AM
Why does River Oak Charter School teach handwork?
Quilters show off their work 
The Biloxi Sun Herald - Jan 02 1:15 AM
]Justin Patton of Perkinston won the donation quilt, Navigating the Stars, given away Nov. 12, the last day of the Pine Needle Quilt Show.

Socially conscious FURNITURE DESIGN 
South Bend Tribune - Dec 30 4:02 AM
PHILADELPHIA -- The latest design trend has nothing to do with which colors are out or which styles are in. What's new in the design world is a growing social conscience.

Patch Me if You Can 
Embroidery Monogram Business - Dec 28 2:12 PM
Think you can't make patches? Think again. With some simple tricks, even novice embroiderers can profit from them.

- Embroider Pattern

Here is an article on Embroidery Pattern.

How Hill lies on the River Ant within The Broads National Park in Norfolk, England.

The large Edwardian building houses the Norfolk Broads Study Embrodery Pattern Centre, an independent charitable organisation Embroider Pattern which runs residential environmental courses for groups of schoolchildren.

The How Hill Nature Reserve is administered by the Broads Authority.

The "Electric Embrodiery Pattern Eel" is an electric passenger boat on which visitors can take a trip through the maze of reed-fringed dykes, Emboridery Pattern normally not accessible to the general public.

An embroidery inspired by Toad Hole Museum

"Toad Hole Museum" is a Embroidey Pattern former marshman's cottage and also houses the Broads Information Centre.

Boardman's windpump Emboidery Pattern is a trestle or skeleton windpump, and Clayrack Windpump is the same, only smaller.

Just south of How Embriodery Pattern Embroiery Pattern Hill is Turf Fen windpump.

This embroidery pattern was copied from one of How Hill's publicity leaflets Enbroidery Pattern from a few years ago.

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