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Computer-to-Screen Imaging Part II: Is It Right for You? 

Embroidery Monogram Business - Jan 01 3:12 PM
Accurate statistical analysis of embroidery efficiency can improve the financial performance of your business.
Imprinted Sportswear Shows Roll Out Multi-Faceted Educational Program 
Embroidery Monogram Business - Jan 01 2:12 PM
DECEMBER 29, 2006 -- The Imprinted Sportswear Shows (ISS) kick off 2007 with a brand new educational conference designed to cover a wide range of professional development needs, from starting out in decorated apparel to acquiring specific technical know-how to developing business-building marketing strategies.

Top New Year's goals for small businesses 
Orange County Register - Jan 01 3:08 AM
OK. No more procrastination. Several of the 8,760 hours of 2007 are already gone. If you haven't set some goals for your business in the coming year, you're already running behind.

Keyboard vs. Custom Lettering 
Embroidery Monogram Business - Dec 30 12:12 PM
Know which lettering system to use when and you can reward your customers with superior results.

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Here is an article on Embroidery Software.

The Embroidery Software Protection Coalition (ESPC) is a United States embroidery industry trade group. Its primary activity is the investigation and prosecution of alleged acts of copyright Embrodery Software infringement. The group has drawn media attention for Embroider Software its campaign of settlement demands against individual buyers as well as Embrodiery Software sellers of embroidery patterns and software. It drew further attention with a 2006 defamation suit against two individual Internet critics, Emboridery Software in which it Embroidry Software attempted to subpoena the identities of every subscriber of the critics' electronic mailing list.

eBay Buyer Infringement Claims

This ESPC letter accuses an eBay buyer of copyright infringement.

On August Emboidery Software 3, 2005, the United States District Court for the Northern Embriodery Software District of Texas approved the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by the ESPC and Embroiery Software ESPC member companies against eBay and PayPal, pursuant to Enbroidery Software a stipulation agreement between the parties.

On September 7, 2005, WNDU-TV reported that the ESPC was mailing settlement demands to individual eBay buyers.[1] According to one such demand letter, dated October 17, 2005, the buyers were identified by personal records provided by eBay and eBay sellers.

The October 17 letter further claimed that buyers, by purchasing and possessing unlicensed copies of embroidery software or patterns, had infringed copyrights according to federal statutes. A University of Notre Dame law professor interviewed for the September 7 WNDU-TV report disagreed, saying that no exclusive copyright to purchase or possession exists under current law.

Defamation Suit

As of April 28, 2006, the ESPC has claimed to represent seven United States embroidery publishers and distributors.[2] The legitimacy of the ESPC is disputed by Internet critics, who suggest that the ESPC may be associated with only one publisher, Great Notions Embroidery Designs.

On June 28, 2006, the ESPC responded to two such critics, against whom the ESPC had previously filed copyright infringement lawsuits, by filing a new lawsuit. In the new lawsuit, the ESPC alleged defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, conspiracy, business disparagement, and tortious interference.

The ESPC subsequently petitioned for a subpoena seeking the identities of every subscriber to the two critics' Internet mailing list. In September 2006, after the Electronic Frontier Foundation intervened on behalf of the anonymous targets of the subpoena, the subpoena was withdrawn. [3]


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